World Earth Day 22nd April 2019

Today is World Earth Day…horray!  

Loveabell LOVES the Earth, and to show you just how much we care we thought we would go through all of our products and tell you exactly how we purchase them with the environment in mind.

Let’s start with our flooring. All of our fabulous multi-coloured rag rugs are predominantly made from recycled cotton with other mixed recycled fabrics. There is absolutely no child labour used in the making of them, and our supplier contributes a percentage of profits back into the communities where the rugs are made!

Our tents are all made from 100% canvas and we sell them after two seasons so people can keep on enjoying our beautiful bells.

We source our hand painted low Indian Bajot tables and lanterns through a fabulous fair trade supplier. They work with companies across the globe creating employment opportunities and working with small scale producers minimising waste and harm to the environment.

Our fabulous director took a trip to India last year to purchase our Kantha stitched throws and cushions. She took the time to visit the suppliers themselves to have peace of mind that the products are all made fairly.

We also promote  a “Leave no trace” attitude to encourage our clients to respect the beautiful environment surrounding their tent. Protecting the Earth is always at the forefront of our decision making when purchasing new equipment. We find local charities and groups that will benefit from stock that we no longer have a use for. We recently updated our air mattresses and decided to distribute a large portion of them to local homeless charities and a scouts group.